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Terry Johnson interviewed on KevCast

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Terry Johnson
Terry Johnson
Christian Focus author Terry Johnson recorded an interview last week with Kevin Thompson for the KevCast show on Blog Talk Radio talking about his Galatians volume in the Mentor Expository Commentary series. You can stream or download the interview here:   LINK

About the Book:

"What must I do to be saved?" This is the message that the book of Galatians seeks to answers. It tells us that there is a gospel message to preach even 2000 years on from when these words were first penned. It presents for us the truth of the gospel, unearthing the central message that righteousness can only be obtained through justification by faith. We are told in no uncertain terms that we cannot have this on our own merit. It considers the original context that there would have been questions as to what of the Jewish custom should be adopted if any as Gentiles joined the church. There were issues that could divide them but above all they needed to preach the gospel and to live lives that were bearing the fruit of God's word in them. Terry L. Johnson skilfully exposits 22 chapters which look at the theological aspect of Galatians then 18 chapters looking at the practical outworking of the letter. It contains a wealth of material for helping us to live Christian lives; to walk by the Spirit. The Mentor Expository Series holds to an inerrant view of Scripture. They are thoroughly researched with helpful practical application. This is a resource for pastors and Bible teachers who want to draw on Christ-centered expository teaching and for the lay reader who wants to delve more deeply into the riches of the Word of God.

Where to Buy:

Galatians - A Mentor Expository Commentary Series is available at any good Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

Galatians: A Mentor Expository Commentary by Terry Johnson
Galatians: A Mentor Expository Commentary by Terry Johnson
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