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Featured Review: The Easter Story - Reviewed by Danika Cooley

Gavin MacKenzie


The Bible does a wonderful job of telling the Resurrection / Easter story. It is, after all, God’s Word. The Bible is all about Jesus. It’s nice, though, to have an illustrated, concise version of the Resurrection story to read to kids. You can’t beat Carine Mackenzie’s prose and faithfulness to the Word.

Here’s what I love about The Easter Story: The Bible Version by Carine Mackenzie (CF4K, 2015):

  • It’s in chronological order. The gospel accounts of Jesus’ last days on earth, trials, crucifixion, resurrection, appearances to believers, and ascension all highlight different aspects of his story. Here they’re all told together. (I thought the narrative about the women finding the tomb required a little interpretation as the biblical accounts tell it a little differently, but I appreciate the way the story Mrs. Mackenzie wove them together.)
  • It’s faithful to the biblical account.
  • There are 21 numbered 2-page spreads, so if you’d like, you can read a small part of the story each day leading up to Easter.
  • It starts with an explanation of God’s plan for salvation and ends with the assurance of eternal life if we trust in Jesus.
  • I really like Carine Mackenzie’s storytelling.
  • Natascia Ugliano’s whimsical pastels are just lovely. (There are no pictures of Jesus, for those who consider that a violation of the second commandment.)


The Easter Story: The Bible Version is a great addition to every Christian family’s library.

This review originally appeared at ThinkingKids

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The Bible Story: The Easter Version is available at any good  Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

The Easter Story: The Bible Version by Carine MacKenzie
The Easter Story: The Bible Version by Carine MacKenzie
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