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Off the Shelf: The Lamb Wins by Richard Bewes

Gavin MacKenzie

Off the Shelf Feature
Off the Shelf Feature

From the introduction by Richard Bewes 

‘If only I knew what to do with Revelation!’ So declared Karl Barth, perhaps the greatest theologian of the twentieth century. No wonder you and I may feel a little timid about plunging into this last – and somewhat bewildering – book in the Bible.

But let us try! Granted there have been some controversial interpretations of this fascinating prophecy, we need not feel browbeaten into making heavy weather of it. It is the message of Christ to every generation of his followers.

The Lamb Wins. The simple three-line slogan was all that featured on the sign erected by the small Methodist church in Prague. It was November 27th, 1989 – the day that Communist domination came to an end in Czechoslovakia. Until then the harassed Christian community had been permitted no publicity at all; even the displayed title Church was forbidden on the outside of the building. Now the message was movingly evident to the passers-by: ‘The Lamb Wins.’ It was not that victory had at last arrived. The theology of the little poster was exactly right. Christ is always the winner. He was winning, even when the church seemed to lie crushed under the apparatus of totalitarian rule. Now at least it could be proclaimed!

5971-The Lamb Wins [Converted].ai
5971-The Lamb Wins [Converted].ai
I love the book of Revelation. I first attempted sharing my discoveries from it at two conferences arranged in East Africa some years ago. Now I hope that these pages will encourage Christian friends to explore the Revelation at whatever level seems desirable.

This is not a commentary, and it has not been written primarily for the theologian – though I shall be glad if fellow- preachers find anything useful here by way of outline or illustration. You may wish to use this book as bedtime reading, or as something to take away on holiday. There is another use, however.

There are thousands upon thousands of small Bible study groups coming into being all over the world. Perhaps you are a member of one; you may even lead one. A church or student body could well decide to hold a series of six studies at the group level, and tackle Revelation. If so, you may find that the six-part arrangement of this book will assist you. Suggested questions are given, every three chapters, to stimulate group discussion.

And may God inspire and equip us as we hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church of Jesus Christ.

"Richard Bewes has captured the central theme of John's Revelation...Written in graceful prose, this little book will make Revelation's central lines of thought leap to life and relevance. It deserves wide circulation."

-D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois

About Richard Bewes

Richard Bewes is the author of several beloved books of faith including Talking About Prayer, 150 Pocket Thoughts, and The Goodnight Book. Bewes was the rector of All Souls Church in the centre of London from 1983 until his retirement in 2004. In 2005 he was awarded an OBE for his services to the Church of England

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5971-The Lamb Wins [Converted].ai
5971-The Lamb Wins [Converted].ai
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