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Too Busy to Read?

Margaret Roberts

Is it just me, or did you think you’d have more time on your hands in lockdown than you actually do? Between baking bread, trimming our own hair and countless Zooms and online quizzes, the time just seems to vanish.

If you thought you’d be able to use all your spare time to finally read those Christian books that you’ve been meaning to get to, but they continue to look at you guilt–inducingly from your shelf, you might want to consider an audiobook. It’s like reading, but you can do it while doing other things.

Here are some CFP audiobooks to get you started:

The Way Forward by Joe Barnard

There is no shortage of books on discipleship. What makes this book for men different in that it not only shows you how you are and how you should be, it also guides your steps between the two. If you are a Christian man who knows the gospel, who professes faith and who longs for transformation, but are frustrated by your lack of spiritual growth, this book is for you. The aim is to help men find the road that leads to spiritual maturity in a way that is clear, brief, and pertinent.

Long Story Short by Glen Scrivener

The Bible is a big book and reading it can seem a bit daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to start. It’s also a very important book. Is has had a huge impact on the world – socially, morally, politically – and even on the language we use. This book is structured around 12 phrases that come from the Bible and uses them to explain the whole story – from the first book (Genesis) to the last book (Revelation). If you want to find out what the Bible is all about, and why it has changed the world, this book is for you.

All of Grace by C. H. Spurgeon

Using plain language and word pictures, Spurgeon shares an earnest word for those who are seeking salvation. It has been written to show clearly how much we all need grace and how much grace is available for our needs. The writer would like to compel us, by his words, to come to Jesus Christ and receive that grace. A classic on a great subject written by one of the greatest preachers who ever lived.

According to Promise by C. H. Spurgeon

These promises are for every believer yet each will admit to not fully experiencing what is promised. Spurgeon helps us to appreciate that all God’s promises are the birthright of each Christian. It is not presumptuous or unreal to expect to enjoy what God has promised. We are to measure what God can do by his generous promises, not by our level of expectation. Spurgeon had the gift of getting right to the heart of a matter in a style that was memorable and profound.

Christ’s Glorious Achievements by C. H. Spurgeon

The popular view of Christianity today is a list of rules. The do’s and don’ts seems to be what it is all about. But if that’s what we think Christianity is all about, then we have a lot to learn. The key to understanding Christianity is not something we have to do, but rather something that Jesus Christ has already achieved on our behalf. This book, by one of the most influential Christians of the last 200 years, looks at what Christ has done for us. Listen to it, and then ask yourself the question: “If Christ has done all this for me, is anything I am asked to do for Christ too much in return?

Partnership: Philippians by William Taylor

Perched on the edge of southern Greece, Philippi was the first city to hear the Christian message in Europe – we have much to learn from the church that grew there.

This fresh and lively study book is ideally suited to the more interactive way we learn in today’s church.

Understanding the Times by William Taylor

How should churches and individual Christians react to the increasingly secular and amoral world in which we live? Through a study of three key chapters in Matthew’s Gospel (chapters 8–10), Taylor argues that Matthew wanted his readers to understand God’s perspective on the times in which we live. Through an analysis of the way in which Matthew presents the miracles Jesus performed and the teaching he gave his disciples, Taylor concludes that we do not live in a day which calls for judgment and condemnation, but rather one demanding gut–wrenching compassion for sinners and a bold proclamation of the forgiveness of sins Jesus came to bring.

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