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Athanasius of AlexandriaHis Life and Impact

Athanasius of Alexandria

His Life and Impact

Peter Barnes
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From the foreword: Until his death in 373, Athanasius was the most formidable opponent of Arianism in the Roman Empire. Ultimately, for him, this fight was not a struggle for ecclesial power or even for the rightness of his theological position. It was a battle for the souls of men and women. Athanasius rightly knew that upon one’s view of Christ hung one’s eternal destiny. As he wrote to the bishops of Egypt in 356: “as therefore the struggle that is now set before us concerns all that we are, either to reject or to keep the faith, let us be zealous and resolve to guard what we have received, bearing in mind the confession that was written down at Nicaea.” And by God’s grace, his victory in that struggle has been of enormous blessing to the church ever since.

Peter Barnes

About Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes serves as the minister of Revesby Presbyterian Church, Revesby, New South Wales, Australia and also lectures in Church History at Christ College, Sydney.



Not only does he know the history and context, but Peter Barnes certainly knows the life of Athanasius. Writing in a lucid style, Barnes provides readers everything they need to know about this era of church history, and imparts a love for the man who defined it. Every page is soaked with historical and theological data, but more than that, every page drips with appreciation for Athanasius of Alexandria and why Orthodox Nicene faith is truly contra mundum.

Coleman M. Ford, Co–founder of the Center for Ancient Christian Studies, Adjunct Instructor of Church History, Boyce College, Louisville, Kentucky

Athanasius, whose name means ‘immortal,’ lives on in this comprehensive and commendable biography. Barnes shows how the animated controversialist managed a full life, as a Nicene theologian, Alexandrian bishop, and five–time refugee. The influence of the patriarch persists through these informed pages.

Paul Hartog, Professor of Theology, Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, Ankeny, Iowa
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