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Rollercoaster Time

Rollercoaster Time

Sheila Jacobs
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This book faces up to a lot of issues and problems a lot of Christian teenagers may have to suffer in a school environment. I think that the author's display of Miss Fossett (the Sunday School teacher) has a message behind it because people are not always what they seem.

When Jane's Gran becomes seriously ill, she feels there is no-one she can turn to, but she ends up turning to her Gran, church youth leader and God for support. Her life becomes a bit of a rollercoaster when her parents inherit some money and want her to go to a private boarding school and her Gran becomes ill. There seems nothing for her to hold on to. When people around her become interested in the zodiac, Jane's Christian faith shines through and she stands up for what is right.

This book faces problems that teenagers face such as peer pressure and being a Christian when your parents aren't. This book shows how you can turn to God when there is nothing left. It is a good book suitable for 12-15 year olds.

Sheila Jacobs

About Sheila Jacobs


  • Author: Sheila Jacobs
  • Release Date: January 1970
  • Pages: 112
  • Format: Pocket paperback
  • Dimensions: 178 x 110
  • ISBN: 9781857923858
  • Imprint: CF4Kids
  • Category: Children's Books > Fiction > General Fiction
  • Series: Flamingo Fiction 9-13s
  • Read to me: 8-9
  • Read Myself: 9-12


"Rollercoaster Time
The second in the Jane series, won the CBC Gold Award for Published Children's Books 1998. Jane's life feels like a rollercoaster, and she wants to know what the future holds. What are God's promises? Instead of being full of anxiety, she has to learn to trust Him. Again, it's a novel dealing with being ‘real' about following Jesus. This is a book that subtly warns against the dangers of the occult, trying to find out about the future through astrology etc - written from experience by someone who was ‘into' the bad stuff before they found Jesus in reality (I didn't become a Christian till I was in my twenties)!"

Sheila Jacobs
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