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New Release: Galatians (Focus on the Bible Commentary Series) by Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.

Gavin MacKenzie

Readable, Reliable, Relevant. These terms sum up the Focus on the Bible commentary series. The commentaries in this series offer brief expositions that flow from both a pastoral heart and a scholar's insight to the study of God's word.

In Galatians: God's Proclamation of Liberty, Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. adds another excellent title to the series. Pipa's explanation of Galatians is marked by faithfulness and clarity. He explains in simple terms the argument of the text and applies the truth of this important book to the believer's life. Writing from a Reformed perspective, the author doesn't let the book get bogged down by endless scholarly quibbles, preferring instead to focus on a positive, Christ-centered exposition of the text.

Each chapter covers a handful of verses and concludes with several study questions. This feature along with the accessibility of the work make it especially useful for home Bible study groups or Sunday School curriculum. Pipa's succinct comments leave plenty of room for a teacher to step in and add additional thoughts or applications.

For the Bible student seeking to learn more about Galatians, this commentary will prove helpful. Occasional footnotes point the reader to additional resources on given topics, and the clarity of the exposition will facilitate personal study.

For ordering information, and more information about this book, view the book detail page at Christian Focus. You can also preview the commentary’s Table of Contents, and Introduction. Click here to see the listing of all 38 (so far) titles in the Focus on the Bible commentary series.

About the Author:

Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. has been both a church pastor and theological professor. He is President and Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in South Carolina and exercises a worldwide expositional ministry.

Also, an audio interview on this book with Dr. Pipa is available.

About the Focus on the Bible commentary series:

Focus on the Bible commentaries are popular level commentaries especially useful for pastors and small group leaders. They are also useful for personal devotions and spiritual growth. Many of the authors of the commentaries are leading expositors of God’s Word on their speciality subjects. The series holds to the inerrancy of scripture and the uniqueness of Christ in salvation.

Praise for Galatians: God's Proclamation of Liberty:

"Martin Luther once called the Epistle to the Galatians "my Katie von Bora" -- this letter was as dear to the Reformer as his own wife. In Galatians: God's Proclamation of Liberty, Joseph Pipa has given the church a clear, stirring, and accessible exposition of this beloved letter. Pipa's commentary is an admirable combination of expository care, theological clarity, and pastoral sensitivity. Any believer interested in learning more about Galatians needs to have this book on his shelf." ~ Guy Prentiss Waters, Associate Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi

"Here is a clear, succinct, and powerful exposition of a key Pauline letter. Pipa writes pastorally, an apt reflection of Paul's own desire to inform and edify. He writes learnedly, aware of challenges to Paul's gospel from Federal Vision and New Perspective quarters. He writes plainly, laying bare and applying the apostolic insistence that Christ's work is finished: justification is through faith alone. Readers seeking a faithful Reformed exposition of Galatians will find stimulation to faith, devotion, and practical living on every page." ~ Robert W. Yarbrough, Professor of New Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

Praise for the Focus on the Bible commentary series:

"They will not only help you to more effectively minister to God’s people, but they will also minister to your own soul. I commend them to anyone who is called to preach God’s Word." ~ Anthony T. Selvaggio, preacher, author and Visiting Professor of Biblical Studies at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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