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New Release -- Hearing the Spirit: Knowing the Father through the Son by Christopher Ash

Gavin MacKenzie

How does the Spirit relate to the Bible? This is the question that this new release from Christian Focus seeks to answer.

Hearing the Spirit: Knowing the Father through the Son by Christopher Ash, is for those who are "thirsty for a deep experience of the Spirit of God". There is much confusion about how Jesus relates to the Holy Spirit, how Jesus the Eternal Word relates to Bible words, and how the Holy Spirit relates to the Bible. People say, "You have too much Bible and not enough of the Spirit" or "It's all very well talking about the Spirit, but where's the Bible?"

Whatever our background, we tend to fall back on untested prejudices or worry about unexamined doubts. This careful, biblical argument, drawn mainly from John's gospel, helps us see the answers to these questions in a firmly Trinitarian understanding. Hearing the Spirit is the way we know the Father through the Son; and we know the Father through the Son by the Spirit. By asking where the Bible fits in this process, this book helps us listen more deeply to the words of God.

Author Christopher Ash explains further:

This book explores how Jesus continues to make the Father known today. More precisely, it explores the relationship between the past, "I have made known" and the present and future, "I will continue to make known". It is a wonderful and vital subject. The answer is going to focus on the work of God the Holy Spirit and the purpose and function of the Bible. In contemporary jargon, you might say this book was about the sometimes controversial topic of "Word and Spirit".

The book includes study questions after each chapter for individual or group use, and would make for a great small group or Sunday School Bible study. To preview the book's introduction and for ordering information, visit the book detail page at

About the Author:

Christopher Ash works for the Proclamation Trust as Director of the PT Cornhill Training Course. He is the author of several books including Remaking a Broken World, The Priority of Preaching, and Out of the Storm: Grappling with God in the Book of Job.

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