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Confessing Jesus as Lord by Terry A. Chrisope

Gavin MacKenzie

It is so easy to voice the words: 'Jesus is Lord' but what does it mean to be under the rule of the one we confess to be Lord? For this to be our true confession it has to be lived out in our daily lives too. This lucid book provides a Biblical survey on the theme of God's Lordship and how we can make this a living reality every day.

For a bit more on what to expect in Confessing Jesus as Lord, see this brief selection from the book's introduction:

"it is the thesis of this study that the Fall of Genesis 3 was an assertion of human autonomy, a declaration of independence from God; that the person and work of Jesus the Messiah were intended, in the broadest terms, to overturn that human rebellion and mitigate its consequences, particularly for receptive humans; that faith in Jesus Christ necessarily implies the personal renunciation of one's claimed autonomy along with the acknowledgment of the exalted Jesus Christ as the agent of God's rule over humans; and that the New Testament confession of faith 'Jesus is Lord' embodies that reception, renunciation, and acknowledgment. The question, then, is one of how rebellious humans can assume their rightful stance before their Creator and his government. With both the reputation of the glorious God and the eternal well-being of humans at stake, nothing more momentous could be imagined. Let us approach the matter with all due seriousness and care. Nothing less is required of us."

Terry A. Chrisope
Terry A. Chrisope
About the Author:

Terry A. Chrisope serves as Professor of History and Bible at Missouri Baptist University, St. Louis, Missouri. His previous books include Toward a Sure Faith: J. Gresham Machen and the Dilemma of Biblical Criticism.

Praise for Confessing Jesus as Lord:

"Confessing Jesus as Lord is one of the most timely books to appear in a long time. We are surrounded by false Gospels, confused Gospels, and half Gospels. In this important book, Terry Chrisope lays out the authentic Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and clearly identifies what it means to confess Jesus as Lord. The most fundamental affirmation of the church is the lordship of Christ. This new book is both important and powerful."

-R. Albert Mohler ~ President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

"Terry Chrisope has provided us with a wonderful resource. It is biblical theology at its best, showing how the Lordship of God in Christ is the fundamental storyline of the Bible. It is systematic theology at its best, highlighting the offices of Christ as the key to our salvation. It is evangelism at its best, underlining that our rebellious condition can only be addressed by the saving work of Jesus our Lord. And it is spirituality at its best, as Chrisope opens our minds to the glories of Christ's mediatorial reign. It is a clear guide through what has been an unfortunate controversy. I wish it a wide circulation, with the prayer that many would gladly acknowledge Jesus as their Lord through its publication."

-Iain D. Campbell ~ Minister, Point Free Church of Scotland, Isle of Lewis & Moderator, General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland 2012

"Confessing Jesus as Lord is an invaluable addition to the debates and discussions that are already beginning to take place. I'm thankful for the way Dr. Chrisope handles the issue. This book is not an arcane and academic discussion of theological technicalities; nor is it a caustic polemical diatribe. It is just straightforward biblical wisdom applied with clarity and simplicity to an issue every Christian needs to understand. I trust you will find it as helpful and as persuasive as I did."

-John MacArthur ~ Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

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Confessing Jesus As Lord by Terry Chrisope
Confessing Jesus As Lord by Terry Chrisope
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