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Monday Meditations: To Raise our Faith and Hope

Gavin MacKenzie

Monday Meditations - Daily Readings: The Puritans
Monday Meditations - Daily Readings: The Puritans

To Raise our Faith and Hope

"For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars." -2 Chronicles 16:9

He is such a Father as is not ignorant of our wants. The care of His providence is over all the creatures He has made. God has an inspection over them, to provide necessaries for them; much more over His people. His eyes run to and fro, to find them out in all the places of their dispersion; and He does exercise His power for their relief. Now this thought should be rooted in our hearts when we come to pray to God: I go to a Father, which hath found me out in the throng of His creatures, and knows what is good for me. This is a great ground why we should not use an abundance of words, because God knows what my needs are. Words are not required for God’s sake, but for ours; not to inform God, but that we may perform our duty the better. So far as they are useful, so they should be used to warm our affections and to strengthen our faith. Words at first are vent to affection, but afterwards they continue to increase the affection; as a hearth is first warmed by the fire, and then it serves to keep in the fire. And they conduce to strengthen our faith while we plead promises in God’s hearing. We wrestle with God that we may catch a heat ourselves. And therefore words should be only used as they conduce to the strengthening our faith, or continuing our affection to God; longer than they serve that end in prayer, they are babbling and vain repetitions, and much speaking, which Christ forbids. There is not a change in God, but a change in us, wrought by prayer. It is neither to give information to God, that He may know our meaning, nor to move Him and persuade Him to be willing by our much speaking, but only to raise up our own faith and hope towards God.

*Excerpted from Daily Readings – The Puritans (Christian Heritage, 2012).

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Daily Readings - the Puritans - Edited by Randall Pederson
Daily Readings - the Puritans - Edited by Randall Pederson
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