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Monday Meditations - Deliverance of the Church

Gavin MacKenzie

Monday Meditations
Monday Meditations

Deliverance of the Church

If it had not been the Lord who was on our side...

Psalm 124:1

God suffers the enemies of his people sometimes to prevail very far against them, that his power may be seen the more in their deliverance. Happy the people whose God is Jehovah, a God all-sufficient. Besides applying this to any particular deliverance wrought in our days and the ancient times, we should have in our thoughts the great work of redemption by Jesus Christ, by which believers were rescued from Satan. God is the Author of all our deliverances, and he must have the glory. The enemies lay snares for God’s people, to bring them into sin and trouble, and to hold them there. Sometimes they seem to prevail; but in the Lord let us put our trust, and we shall not be put to confusion. God’s people are taken in the snare, and are as unable to help themselves out as any weak and silly bird is; and then is God’s time to appear for their relief, when all other friends fail; then God breaks the snare, and turns the counsel of the enemies into foolishness. The believer will ascribe all the honor of his salvation, to the power, mercy, and truth of God, and look back with wonder and thanksgiving on the way in which the Lord has led him. Let us rejoice that our help for the time to come is in him who made heaven and earth. It is a comfort to all that lay the interests of God’s Israel near their hearts that Israel’s God is the same that made the world, and therefore will have a church in the world, and can secure that church in times of the greatest danger and distress. In him therefore let the church’s friends put their confidence, and they shall not be put to confusion.

*Excerpted from Matthew Henry Daily Readings (Christian Heritage, 2009).

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