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God Rules!Book 3: Seven Youth Group Sessions, God's Loving Rule in the Life of Joseph

God Rules!

Book 3: Seven Youth Group Sessions, God's Loving Rule in the Life of Joseph

Nick Margesson
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14-18 years old is a vital point in your life where you need help to study the Bible in a way that is challenging and mind stretching.
By covering the life of Joseph through Bible passages in Genesis this series of studies answers the question, 'Does God really care when the going gets tough?' Young people are encouraged to keep trusting whatever happens, keep godly whatever happens and to praise God unashamedly.
Seven Lessons include: God Chooses (Genesis 37:1-36); God Cares (Genesis 39:1-23); God Reveals (Genesis 41:14-43); God Plans (Genesis 42:1-38); God's People (Genesis 44:1-45:3); God Provides (Genesis 45:1-28); God Rules (Genesis 50:1-26).
With the TnT Junction material you can be confident that you have material that is trustworthy, comprehensible and biblical. Each lesson plan, in addition to a lesson aim, contains study notes to enable the leader to understand the Bible passage. There is also a slot to encourage the young people to share experiences and learn from each other. Along with suggestions for prayer, praise and how to focus attention on the studies there are optional worksheets to help the young people engage with the passage.
Additional advice and tips are given to youth leaders to help make running a youth Bible study memorable and effective, with the minimal of cringe!

Nick Margesson

About Nick Margesson

TNT Ministries have been providing excellent and dynamic teaching materials, which are geared for the whole wide age range from 2-14+ since 1993. Nick Margesson is head of youth and children?s work at St Helen?s Bishopgate.


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