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Failure Is Never Final

Failure Is Never Final

Lynda Neilands
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Do you strive for spiritual success? Stop it - right now!

In a world driven by success, to fail is almost unforgivable. Even the church follows the pattern of the World in prizing strength and achievement, we build people up on pedestals, and then are dismayed when they fall. Yet God's promise is that it is in our weakness that his strength is made perfect.

Janny van der Klis' story is one of high expectation, mounting pressure and ultimately, breakdown. Yet it was only through this process that Janny was able to learn a vital spiritual truth. That she was loved for being her, not for her spiritual success.

Janny's moving and ultimately triumphant story demonstrates that if you strive for spiritual success, you may miss out on true spiritual greatness.

Lynda Neilands

About Lynda Neilands


  • Author: Lynda Neilands
  • Release Date: January 1970
  • Pages: 240
  • Format: Pocket paperback
  • Dimensions: 178 x 110
  • ISBN: 9781857925753
  • Imprint: Christian Focus
  • Category: History & Biography > Biography > Autobiography
  • Series: Biography

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