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Get Preaching: Growing as a Preacher

Get Preaching: Growing as a Preacher

Jonathan Gemmell
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Preaching is hard work. Anyone who has preached even for a short while will comprehend the synapse straining effort it takes to write and deliver a sermon. This book is to help people progress in their preaching over the long–haul of ministry, it addresses both skills and attitudes. Every preacher can become a better preacher.

Jonathan Gemmell

About Jonathan Gemmell

Jon is the Director of Conferences and Resources at The Proclamation Trust in London. Before this current role he was a pastor in Scotland for 12 years. Jon is married to Aileen and they attend Grace Church Greenwich.



I’ve known Jon since college days and I’ve watched him flourish in to an outstanding communicator. He has worked at his craft and this book is a call to himself and others to keep going. To not grow weary. To not lose the wonder of serving Christ. May the Lord use what you’re holding to spur you on.

Graham Shearer, Pastor, Musselburgh Baptist Church, Musselburgh, Scotland

Full of home truths, this is the book I needed as a preacher (and will probably need again in a year’s time): it often made me feel uncomfortable. Full of practical wisdom, this is a book that gave me some helpful ideas to sharpen my preaching. Full of warmth and wit, this is a book I enjoyed reading.

James Hely Hutchinson, Director, Institut Biblique de Bruxelles, Belgium
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