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Track: WorldviewA Student’s Guide to Worldview

Track: Worldview

A Student’s Guide to Worldview

Sharon James
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We all view the world through a certain lens. Depending on our upbringing, geography, experiences and a whole host of other influences, we will see life a certain way. Our understanding of truth, justice, love, and good and evil is shaped by what we hear and are taught. Using real–life stories and poignant historical overviews, Sharon James writes to equip the next generation with the wisdom needed to think through some of the most divisive cultural issues of our day.

Sharon James

About Sharon James

Sharon James has written several books, and has spoken in conferences in many parts of the world. She studied history at Cambridge University, theology at Toronto Baptist Seminary, and has a doctorate from the University of Wales. Sharon is married to Bill, Principal of London Seminary. They have two grown–up children. She works for The Christian Institute. For more information, visit:


  • Author: Sharon James
  • Release Date: July 2022
  • Pages: 112
  • Format: Pocket paperback
  • Dimensions: 178 x 110
  • ISBN: 9781527108431
  • Imprint: Christian Focus
  • Category: Ministry & Evangelism > Youth Ministry
  • Series: Track


Sharon James is a clear writer who reads the culture through the lens of Scripture rather than reading the Scriptures through the lens of the culture.  Her ‘Worldview’ contribution to the Track series is an excellent summary and introduction of some of the major cultural issues affecting the church today.  The beauty of this little book is that it looks at these cultural issues with a clear personal application – after all, who is not interested in dignity, joy, purpose, suffering, God’s kindness, salvation, love, security, truth and fulfilment?   It’s a lovely balanced and helpful book.

David Robertson, Well–known pastor and apologist

Sharon James’s perspective as an historian and her diligence as an analyst of culture make everything that she writes important. But her conviction as a Christian historian and analyst makes everything she writes invaluable. Read this book to find truth, how it has changed the world, and how it has been embodied in a man who is the hope of the world. 

Ben Virgo, Director, Christian Heritage London
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