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Gavin MacKenzie

Dr. Alec Motyer is a well-known Bible expositor and from an early age has had a love for studying God’s Word. He was formerly principal of Trinity College, Bristol.  The following excerpt from an interview Alec did for The Presbyterian Layman back in May 2000 describes how he was introduced to the word of God and his love for the scriptures:

"Now retired as principal of Trinity College in Bristol, England, Motyer has spent his professional career studying the Bible. However, he learned to love the Scriptures at his grandmother's knee in Ireland. "Grandma was, in worldly terms, a comparatively uneducated lady," Motyer says, "but she was a great Bible woman. Biblical studies have simply confirmed that which I learned from Grandma – that the Bible is the Word of God – and made it a coherently held position."

He adds, "I had a conversion experience when I was 15, but I can't remember a time when I didn't love the Word of God."

That love is quickly evident. Motyer's speech is filled with Biblical references and allusions. It takes only a little longer to realize that he has understated his scholarly abilities, so lightly does he wear his considerable learning. Having served the Church as both pastor and professor, much of Motyer's academic life has been devoted to the study of the Old Testament, particularly Isaiah. A widely respected scholar who now spends his time lecturing and writing..."

The full interview is available here: LINK.  Readers can also connect with Alec in this brief video, where he shares insights into Handel's interpretation of Isaiah 53 in The Messiah.

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