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Robert L. Reymond on Apologetics and Theology

Gavin MacKenzie

Noted scholar and theologian, Robert L. Reymond has written several books on theology, church history and biblical preaching. Ten of his books are available through Christian Focus Publications. Learn more about Robert L. Reymond by reading his author profile here at Christian Focus Book Notes.

Books by Robert L. Reymond on Apologetics & Theology:

Faith's Reasons for Believing

Using extensive Biblical references, Reymond takes us on a comprehensive tour of why it is possible for belief to exist as a result of knowledge in the Christian faith. He gives us both reasons for believing in key aspects of the Christian faith and a defense of the presuppositional apologetic method.

"Militant Atheistic writers are making an all-out assault on the Christian faith today - they speak of ours as a ‘mindless Christianity' - and as a result many people today, including many scientists and many poorly taught Christians, would think it very strange to talk about faith's reasons for believing, for if there is one thing not understood today about biblical faith it is that it eschews any and all anti-intellectual, fidelistic ‘leaps' of faith. But according to scripture "saving faith" is grounded in the knowledge of propositional truths about Jesus Christ." ~ Robert L. Reymond

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Contending for the Faith: Lines in the sand that strengthen the Church

"Contending for the Faith" offers a selection of Reymond's papers in the areas of Systematic Theology and Apologetics. The one thing these articles generally have in common is their apologetic flavor, that is to say, each in its own way contends for the Biblical and Reformed Faith. Many of these papers have never been previously published.

Robert offers them to a broader readership as they address topics that are, in many cases, being debated within the Church at large today. We are given unique insights into a huge range of subjects from Creation to Lord's Day Observance, from the Trinity to Islam. This is a hugely significant contribution to the defense of the Christian Faith that makes points that are difficult to ignore.

"With customary thoroughness and exacting exegesis, Professor Reymond leads us through a maze of theological topics which call out for a clear biblical perspective in our day. His guiding principle is that God can be glorified in our theological reflection only as we listen to the teaching of his authoritative Word. Reymond is a much-needed prophetic voice in our day, calling us to pay attention to 'Thus says the Lord." ~ Iain D Campbell, Minister, Point Free Church of Scotland, Isle of Lewis

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What Is God? An investigation of the perfections of God’s nature

God has been downgraded! Can you recognize the God of the Bible from what churches say? Many seem to think that God is limited, primitive and unenlightened. Can you recognize God from scientific announcements? Many scientists are boxed into a self limiting corner, only thinking in exclusively materialistic ways and limiting possibilities open to previous generations of ground breaking scientific endeavor. Can you recognize God from the media? here religion is only news so long as someone is using God's name in reprehensible way. So it is surprising then, that many people do not know what God is like? The apostle Paul said that everyone on some level already knows that God exists (even atheists!). So the more important question exists but 'What is God' This is the question that Robert Reymond sets out to answer in his book.

"..this is theology at its core - the very doctrine of God - and theology at it's best, informative, challenging, readable. It should be widely read." ~ Dr S. Westcott

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The Reformation's Conflict With Rome: Why It Must Continue

Written in an inoffensive yet honest way, Robert Reymond has studied the essential divisions between Roman Catholics and the Reformed church to find out the real issues and points of conflict.

Reymond looks at historical watersheds of doctrine, the development of Roman Catholic authority and contemporary attempts at rapprochement (including ‘Evangelicals and Catholics Together' and Robert Sungenis' ‘Not by Faith Alone'). In doing so he helps us understand the great truths of salvation worked out through the sacrifice of Jesus, the Messiah.

"Dr Reymond clearly demonstrates in this monograph that there are serious doctrinal differences between the Roman catholic teaching and Biblical Christianity... I am confident the reader will find this work clear, fair and accurate. I highly commend its close reading" ~ R C Sproul, Founder & Chairman of Ligonier Ministries, Orlando, Florida

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