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New Release - Airborne: Getting Your Faith Off the Ground by Jose Zayas

Gavin MacKenzie

In Airborne, Jose Zayas uses the analogy of taking a flight in a modern airliner to illustrate the journey of the Christian faith. Following the trip from start to finish, the journey unfolds as follows:

  • Boarding All Rows:  A Personal Invitation
  • Your Ticket:  Why This Deal is So Good
  • Transfer Your Trust:  Weight on the Lord
  • Destination Check:  Where Do We Go from Here?
  • Letting Go of the Controls:  From Diplomas to Diapers
  • The Flight Plan:  Stay Calm
  • Enough Fuel to Reach Your Destination:  Check the Fuel Gauge
  • One Plane, Many Passengers:  Growing in Groups
  • Buckle Up- Turbulence Ahead:  Why This Won't Be an Easy Ride
  • Push the Call Button:  Help is One Call Away
  • Making the Most of the Journey:  Discovering Your Life's Purpose
  • More Seats Available:  Always Room
  • Prepare for Landing:  Journeys Are About Destinations

Here are a few brief words from the introduction, where Jose welcomes readers to become a part of the adventure:

"Without jargon or complicated phrases, Ariborne is your guide to understanding the joruney of following Jesus. It's your guide to change your perspective from wondering about god's value to valuing God's wonder! That type of passionate, intimate relationship can be yours, if you're willing to pursue it.

I've written this book for those people who want to experience the life-changing power that intimacy with God will bring. Only God can change you. It's my prayer that the words on these pages will entice you to pursue Him.

Our journey with Jesus parallels an airplane ride in various ways. Both require trust, commitment, and a ready and willing attitude. Join me as we head for a new adventure - the ride of your life."

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About the Author:

Jose Zayas shares the good news of the gospel to hundreds of thousands of people around the world through the ministry of Jose Zayas Evangelism International. Previously, he served as Director of Teen Evangelism for Focus on the Family, and prior to this, was on staff with the Luis Palau Association.

Praise for Airborne:

“Ready for the ride of your life? Join my friend Jose Zayas on a powerful journey into amazing truths. He has a message you don’t want to miss!”

Luis Palau, Author of Changed by Faith Portland, Oregon

“Jose’s penetrating insights into the Christian journey, combined with his often funny and always powerful illustrations, will keep you riveted right up to the last page!”

Greg Stier, President, Dare 2 Share Ministries Arvada, Colorado

“Airborne is a great introduction for those who want to take a Step deeper into the transforming power of the gospel. Enjoy reading and growing in your Christian life.”

Gerry Breshears, PhD Professor of Theology Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon

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